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Best Parks for Dogs in El Paso (Part Two) - Cantera Apartments Blog

Best Parks for Dogs in El Paso (Part Two)

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Franklin Mountains
Although dogs are not permitted in any State Park building, they are more than welcome to wander by your side as long as they are on a leash within the park. Outside, our high desert mountains welcome them to roam for hours on end. 

With the 27,000-acre (about 40 square miles) Franklin Mountains, there are over 100 trails to take a short trek or day-long walk.  Another option is to make your reservation to camp out for a night or a ‘stay-cation’ close to home.

Bring your bikes, climbing gear and hiking boots.  If you are in to geocaching, this is a top spot to head out for a day-long adventure. 

Camp sites do not have water or electricity so plan ahead.

San Jacinto Plaza
An icon of our magnificent city, San Jacinto Plaza is another place to take a walk with your pup while surrounded by history in every direction.

In the center, take in the fiberglass sculpture by Luis Jiménez which honoring the city’s colorful past – when real alligators graced San Jacinto Plaza sits in the center of downtown!

Today, it is wrapped with places to play or put your feet up for a few.  Take a stroll over the bridge or park yourself on a bench for a game of chess, play a little ping-pong, or stop in for refreshments and a snack at the café.

Chamizal National Monument
Looking for some peace and quiet for you and your pup?  The Chamizal National Monument and surrounding trails as the ideal place to slip away for the day. As their website notes:

Chamizal is more than just an urban park to recreate or enjoy a quiet afternoon. These grounds are a reminder of the harmonious settlement of a 100-year boundary dispute between the United States and Mexico. We celebrate the cultures of the borderlands to promote the same mutual respect that helped to diplomatically resolve an international disagreement.

Whether you are there for a stroll or staying longer to enjoy some entertainment, do keep your dog on a leash as required by the park rules.


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