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What is the History of the Easter Bunny and Easter Baskets? - Cantera Apartments Blog

What is the History of the Easter Bunny and Easter Baskets?

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Many of our holidays have traditional characters or icons are symbolic of our celebrations throughout the year.  From Cupid at Valentine’s Day, four-leaf clover during St. Patrick’s Day, pumpkins in October, and St. Nick, these colorful elements have become iconic to some of the most celebrated holidays around the world.

 So what’s up with a bunny and a basket that are so iconic to Easter which is just around the corner?

There are almost endless references throughout the world wide web that tell the tale of the furry friend that brings joy to all during this time of the year.  

We selected some insight from an article in TIME magazine that seemed to provide a succinct story that we will share with you now.

They note that the connection of the bunny to Easter started back in time and evolved during pagan celebrations that occurred during the beginning of spring.  During this time of the year, throughout the world, spring is symbolic of ‘renewal of life.’  Mirroring this vision was, and continues to be, the observation of Christ’s resurrection that also occurs during the vernal equinox. Included in many of the stories that we researched was another connection of Eostre, ‘The Goddess of Dawn and Fertility.”

It is also noted that the credit for tying these concepts and occurrences together goes to Missionaries who were said to merge the pagan traditions with Christian holidays.  Apparently this made the celebrations of Eostre and the resurrection an easier story to tell … and be accepted worldwide.  

Fast forwarding the whole concept of the Easter Bunny, postings note that it was the German’s who brought the bunny into the picture.  The historic rabbit, named “Oschter Haws’ or ‘Easter Hare, gets the credit.  

As the story is told, Oschter Haws laid a nest of colorful eggs that were then presented to well-behaved children.  Much like Christmas Eve when children leave cookies and milk for Santa, back in the early 1660s, children would leave carrots in bunny nests.  Today,  Easter Baskets are reminiscent of days gone by when children would make nests for Oschter’s eggs.  Throughout time, the “eggs” have transformed into more than something for a meal for all.  Chocolate bunnies, candies, and little gifts now fill children’s baskets on this day of celebration of the resurrection of Christ. 
So there you have it!  Watch for our next blog for delicious recipes to prepare for your Easter celebration this year on April 17th.

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