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Top Tips to Stay Cool at Your El Paso Apartment this Summer (Part 1) - Cantera Apartments Blog

Top Tips to Stay Cool at Your El Paso Apartment this Summer (Part 1)

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Every month we research new ideas to help you enjoy a full life at your apartment in El Paso.  And every blog that we produce is backed by our mission that is centered around you – living a wholesome living experience at Cantera..

With summer temps rising daily, we thought you might appreciate some top tips on how to stay cool in the summer heat.

Play in the Pool

Our first choice, of course, is to encourage you to enjoy the pool at our apartments in El Paso.  Whether you swim some laps in the morning, enjoy a full day in its cool waters, or plan a BBQ pool side in the evening, our pool and pool-side amenities are there for you and your family to enjoy.

Need ideas on  how to keep the kids entertained while you read your favorite book pool-side, there’s a great article on  Read on to read more about pool games for your kids that include: Beach Ball Race, Ping Pong Madness, Sharks and Minnows, What Time Is It Mr. Fox , Coin Hunts, Floatie Races, and we must mention the oh-so-famous: Marco Polo!

Keep it Cool in the Kitchen

As noted above, feel free to use the BBQ to keep the heat out of your kitchen.  And instead of the comfy foods that we enjoy during our cooler month, swap those out for fresh fruit salads, scrumptious sandwiches, and of course … popsicles for dessert!  If you need more ideas on cool things to cook during the steamy summer months, take a look at this site that offers 50 options to keep your kitchen and apartment cool this summer.

Get Spicy

This deserves a paragraph all on its own.  As home to the best BBQ and restaurants in the USA (our opinion), order it HOT.  Yes, spicy hot!  We have learned this lesson from some of our neighbors who noted that some of the spiciest foods come from South America where the temps are tops most of the year.  Although spicey foods may feel hot at first bite, and we start to sweat, the air on our damp skin cools down our body’s temperature.  So here’s another tip on how to keep your body cool.  Click into this story published on FourSquare re: The 15 Best Places to Eat Spicy Foods in El Paso.

Keep All Things Cotton

From your sheets at night to your summer wardrobe, cotton is always our top pick to beat the heat in El Paso.  We found a good article written by Voila ~ Wellness Made Simple that explained why cotton is good for you, and the environment too.  Here are some highlights:

  1.  Breathability In hot and sweaty seasons, as the body perspires, cotton fibers absorb the moisture and release it on the fabric, so it evaporates. This makes cotton breathable. It also allows for better air circulation while drawing heat away from the skin and keeping the body cool and dry. Because it is absorbent it removes liquid from the skin, like a towel, according to Cotton Incorporated.
  2. Comfortable – Cotton fibers (especially organic) are one of the only natural fibers that cause almost no allergic reactions and don’t irritate human skin. Cotton’s hypoallergenic nature and moisture-wicking properties won’t aggravate dry skin or cause allergic reactions, even in people prone to skin problems like rashes or eczema.
  3. Stylish cotton is not only the best choice for t-shirts, PJs, and jeans! You can find beautifully made and stylish cotton outfits from top designers these days. Great looking garments that will not only make you look good but also make you feel good while wearing them no matter how hot it gets!

But wait, there’s more! Watch our next edition for more ways to keep cool during the summer months in and around your apartment in El Paso.

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