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Mood-Boosting Tips for A Less Stressful Day - Cantera Apartments Blog

Mood-Boosting Tips for A Less Stressful Day

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Looking for some good news?  Look no further.  We are dedicating this blog to YOU to help every day be a less stressful day.

All you need to do is cross-off some time for yourself each week and find time to dive into these helpful tips for a stressless tomorrow.

Start with a Soothing Cup of Java
We like to refer to this tip as “me time.”  Time to sit back and plan your day ahead with your favorite cup of coffee in hand.  Both of which can slow you down before life gets too fast.  And, did you know that an 8-oz cup of coffee has been scientifically proven to boost your mood?   

Get Outside in the Sunshine, Early!
Before things heat up too much in Texas, we like to get out of our apartment at Cantera in El Paso to catch some sunshine and early morning fresh air.  In addition to more ‘me time’ before your day gets too busy, you can naturally add some Vitamin D to your daily routine to boost your mood while you feel good, too!

Be Thankful
While you are out in the cooler morning air, take time to think about all the ‘good’ in life.  Enhancing your ‘gratitude attitude’ does wonders for your soul.   Got a little more time?  When is the last time you hand-wrote a thank you note – or just a letter to someone who might be lonely?  Taking time for others is always good for the soul.

Download Some Tunes from the Past
Remember ‘the good old days?”  Remember them again!  Our favorite source for selecting good tunes from good times past is  Once you have found a perfect selection, and have stored them for fun times ahead, why wait?  Get up and dance.  There is something about dancing that will always super-charge your mood.

I  know we hear this all time, and with good reason.  We saw yet another‘scientific study, and time after time, the results are still valid.  Drinking water has been proven to boost our mood and remove tension and headaches that come with dehydration.

Play Catch, or Catch-up
There is something about playing with kids that will set anyone’s mood straight.  Right now, it is the height of baseball season.  Surely there are kids in your apartment community in El Paso that are just dying to get outside and toss the ball around.  No kids?  Then catch-up with some long-lost friends.  Invite them over for a (social-distancing) BBQ – there is plenty of room around the pool at Cantera apartments in El Paso.

Peace Out
When your day is almost complete, find some quiet time to reflect on what you have accomplished since that first cup of java.  So many times, we rush around from sun-up to sun-down we rarely take time to check in on ourselves.  Statistics continually tell us that a little meditation or just a little downtime works wonders to prepare us for a good nights’ rest.

Sleep tight!

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